Updating trainz asset database this may take several minutes

Example of an TS2010 built-in route asset showing a vertices alignment and end-caps bounds problem with the new mesh-stitching technology introduced in TS09 and TS10.

Modeled software misbehaving under the run time GUI's is one type of problem fixed by hotfixes or service packs.

Just launch your CE V1.2 build and the auto-patcher prompt will appear. The Help: Video_Settings page details the various performance options available.

For Steam users, this update will happen via your normal Steam update process Q. We have also provided a "quickdraw" hotkey - use Shift "-" to reduce your draw distance and Shift " " to increase draw distance.

At this point in time, it supports TRS2006, Trainz Classics, TS2009, TS2010 and TS12. The only requirement is that the folder must be writable.2. The first time it runs, it will search for your Trainz installations. Once the main program appears, click the folder reference for the version of Trainz you want Download(Helper) links to open, then select which associations you require (by ticking the relevant boxes), then click Set Association Now.

For those who wish to change between older versions of Trainz and Trainz A New Era, you will need this version of the tool.

Windows 10, when it is released later this year, is likely to boost your performance.

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The Mac version will follow as soon as possible after May 15 on Apple Mac store and other Mac stores such as Sim C and Steam. Can I upgrade from my "Community Edition" version of T: ANE? For Simulator Central/My Trainz users there will be an "auto-patch" available from CE V1.2 to the "release day" version of T: ANE. Log in to your My Trainz account and click on the TANE-CE link then choose your download location. By adjusting the performance options you can tweak what you see on screen and which graphics features you would like and balance performance versus looks to suit your needs.They could also create cdp files, allowing the early growing Trainz community to feast on shared creations.Eventually, the early Download Station was hosted by Auran and users could browse without much search capability much as one can on today's less sophisticated 3rd party Trainz fan-sites.If your answer to any of the above is yes, this tool is for you.This tool can change the relevant registry information to point at the correct Trainz version.In Windows Vista/7/8, the tool will automatically run as administrator, and will require permission to run.


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