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At any point in this guide where I mention a percentage of relationship, I mean the bottom pink bar.This is the indication of how Romantic two Sims are toward one another.To get the last picture for Arisa, choose Im coming instead of I can hold it on August 27. Youll often find that (maybe after a few more tries) it does happen the next time. Generally, these are relatively unimportant events which seem to always occur no matter what you do and dont impact the game in any way.Finally, a little tip for all you impatient people who dont want to see every scene theyve already seen again: Ive found that by keeping the ENTER key pressed youll quickly skip all dialogue until you a) to make an important choice, b) hear a sound effect, or c) you reach the end of the day.

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There are plentiful social interactions in that category, and excellent animations for each of them.

I decided since someone would create one eventually, it might as well be me. This is the most complete walkthrough I could think of: Ill be telling you exactly which activities you should plan for every day and the answers to every question you are asked in the game.

If you follow this walkthrough to the letter, you should be able to see each and every H-scene and get each girls ending in the same game.

Please note: These gods only visit you once per game, so it is best to summon them early in order to gain an advantage. : ------------------------- Raising your statistics may seem forever at first, but thankfully there are divine forces at work in this game. For example, if you study dilligently every day, every opportunity, the God of Intelligence will pay you a visit and grant you his blessing.

His blessing of course will raise the mentioned stats (studies), as the other gods.


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