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Brave: Joanna Palani, a 20-year-old of Kurdish descent, uploaded this picture to her Facebook page showing her calmly smiling while wearing military fatigues, a bullet proof vest and carrying a large assault rifle Ms Palani (left) - who has lived in Denmark since she was three-years-old - has joined the Kurdish YPJ regiment - the all-female sister force of the better known YPG (a member of which is pictured with her, right) Ms Palani is the latest Westerner to join the fight against ISIS in Kobane (pictured), where Syrian Kurds assisted by Iraqi Peshmerga troops and US warplanes have forced hundreds of militants out the city centre Leaders of the Cologne-based Median Empire Motorcycle Club, which has strong Kurdish links, posted images of their riders posing in the besieged Syrian city of Kobane.

They are there fighting ISIS terrorists'I love Denmark.

I grew up here and I love the freedom of our society.

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Rojava is regarded by Kurdish nationalists as one of the four parts of Greater Kurdistan, which also includes parts of southeastern Turkey (Northern Kurdistan), northern Iraq (Southern Kurdistan), and northwestern Iran (Eastern Kurdistan).

The Yazidi, an ethnically Kurdish religious community with roots dating back to Mesopotamia, are one of Iraq’s most culturally distinct communities.

As such, they are also considered devil worshippers by ISIS, which commenced a brutal campaign to eliminate them in 2014.

The timeliness of the subject matter and the accessibility of Hassan’s filmmaking should send on a lengthy tour of the festival scene, and careful, targeted marketing could also make it viable art house material in urban markets worldwide.

The story starts in the Shingal region, with the happy engagement of Yazidi soldier Reko (director-actor Rekesh Shabaz) and Pero (Diman Zandi, luminous), a union blessed by both families.


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