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By the time you’ve worked in the Emergency Department for more than a week it’s highly likely you’ll have seen a patient who has a bit of a sore neck after a relatively minor bump in their car.

A little less often we see patients presenting with a fixed torticollis, their head held over to one side with pain associated with attempts to return it to a normal position.

Hopefully it lights up somebody’s heart,’ Segura says. Luis Sánchez Saturno/The New Mexican Tiers of Fun: This home on Vegas de Sueños features glowing wreaths and holiday lights at every turn.

This adobe house adds to the neighborhood already blanketed in festive color.

Honestly, exercise is something you to block time for, and it is something that needs to become a habit.

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If you are doing manual tagging to train your own NER model (it's not 100% clear from your question), you should include the same kind of data you expect to tag later, most likely full sentences.

In 1987, Gloria Estefan wrote and released her hit, "Rhythm is Gonna Get You." ♫ Music tempo and rhythm certainly are helpful when working out, whether you're a runner, a walker, or simply stepping to the beat of the music.

If you do your workouts in a class, you know this works.

In those with a history of trauma, cervical dystonia can occur relatively quickly after trauma (immediately to a few days afterwards) or quite some time afterwards (delays of a few months have been reported although I wonder how reliably these can be attributed back to initiating trauma, particularly for minor injuries).

The trauma is usually associated with immediate pain and followed by a reduced range of movement and abnormal head posturing.


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