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Along with the Odyssey, the Iliad is among the oldest extant works of Western literature, and its written version is usually dated to around the 8th century BC.

(1) After an invocation to the Muses, the story launches in medias res towards the end of the Trojan War between the Trojans and the besieging Greeks.

Bravely and skilfully the home side opted to work their way around the tight spaces with short, quick passes.

The back three of Niklas Süle, Kevin Vogt and Benjamin Hübner worked perfectly, as did the impressive wingback pairing of Jeremy Toljan and Steven Zuber.

Otherwise I’m quite fickle; at the moment it’s Harvest by Jim Crace which was winner of this year’s Impac prize.

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The Iliad is paired with something of a sequel, the Odyssey, also attributed to Homer.

She packed up the kids and walked them four miles to the local bus station to wait for the first bus to Dublin.

For a year or so they lived in a caravan in a seaside resort and then, gradually, she began to put her life together; the kids did well and she ended up having the career she had always wanted.

Defeat does little to stop Bayern's charge towards the title – they are 15 points clear at the top – but this performance still came against a Bayern side in rampant, goal-scoring form.

Even if it got a little nervy at the end, Hoffenheim beat Bayern and deservedly so.


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